Got a real call?

Following up on my last post, what if it’s a real call? What if it really is my bank calling me to tell me that someone stole my card? What do I do?

This one is easy. Don’t answer any questions. Don’t confirm your identity, don’t read them digits off your card.

Just say “Thank you, I’ll call back.”

That’s it. They are fine with this. If they aren’t, or try to press you to stay on the line then it’s a scam. If it’s a bank then they fully understand. So if you get a call from the bank, feel free to say “Thank you, I’ll call back.” Then call back, not at any number they gave you, nbut to the number on the back of your card. Your credit cards, your ATM card, all have phone numbers on the back. Call that number and explain that you got a call about a problem with your account.

Now that you’ve called them you can verify your identity, because you know that you’re speaking to the bank. When you make the call and know who you’re calling it’s good. Any incoming call can come from a fake number, so don’t trust it.

For other numbers, still call them back. You can look up the numbers on their websites. Some links are below.

The IRS –

Spectrum and Time Warner –